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  • Tenjin

  • Hakata Station

Usual fares (Children 12 and older pay adult fares)

Tenjin to Hakata Station Tenjin to Waterfront District Hakata Station to Waterfront District
100 yen
(Children: 50 yen)
190 yen
(Children: 100 yen)
230 yen
(Children: 120 yen)

Timetable for Each Bus Stop
Boarding Information


•Please board through the mid or rear doors. *Only the mid-doors will open at "Marine Messe-mae" and "Kuramoto."
•If you are paying in cash, please take a numbered ticket.
•If you are using an IC card, please tap it on the IC reader.


•Please deboard through the front or rear doors. *Only the front doors will open at "Marine Messe-mae" and "Kuramoto."
•If you are using an IC card, you may deboard through the rear doors as well. However, if you need to charge your IC card or pay the fare of multiple passengers, please deboard through the front doors.


Ask the operator to recharge your nimoca or break bills.

*Two-thousand, five-thousand and ten-thousand yen bills cannot be changed.

Passengers with strollers or wheelchairs should board through the mid-doors.

Standing in the articulated section of the bus is dangerous and is not allowed.