Dazaifu Zone Dazaifu Government Office Ruins, Kamado Shrine

Dazaifu Zone

View the sakura as you wander through many ancient ruins around the site of the Dazaifu Tenman-gu.

Fukuoka City + Dazaifu Liner Bus 'Tabito'

  • One-day Free Pass(Adult)
  • One-day Free Pass(Child)


Dazaifu Government Office Ruins

  • From Hakata Bus Terminal Stand 11
    to the Dazaifu Seichoato bus stop

    Dazaifu Liner Bus “tabito” (Traveler)

  • A park with history and sakura

    Steeped in history, this place was a portal for negotiations with other countries during the Nara and Heian periods. As well as sakura, you can enjoy walks around the ruins.

    Address: 4-6-1 Kanzeon-ji, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka
    HP : http://www.dazaifu.org/


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Kamado Shrine

  • Get on at Hakata Bus Terminal Stand 11 and get off at the Dazaifu stop,
    then change to the Community Bus Mahoroba at Nishitetsu Dazaifu-eki bus stop, and get off at the Uchiyama bus stop

    Dazaifu Liner Bus “tabito” (Traveler) →
    (Change to) Community Bus “Mahoroba”

  • A nature spirit (kami) for marriage sits
    at the foot of Homanzan!

    Many women and others visit this site as a shrine to marriage. Why not try wishing for the perfect partner while enjoying the sakura?

    Address: 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka
    HP : http://kamadojinja.or.jp/

    Bus information ▶

    *The day pass cannot be used for travel on Mahoroba buses,

    which require a separate fare of ¥100.

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Fukuoka City+Dazaifu Liner Bus “tabito”

Day pass offering unlimited travel on bus routes within Fukuoka City

as well as the Dazaifu Liner Bus “tabito” (Traveler)

(Hakata Station / Fukuoka Airport to Dazaifu Zone).