Corporate Information (Company Outline)

About Nishitetsu

The Nishitetsu Group strived to become a corporation which each individual employee does their utmost for the customer, under the corporate motto of "Developing with the local community while providing a safe, comfortable and fun service".

Ever since the Group was established we have received great support from our many customers, the local community and our stockholders, marking over a century of history. And as we meet the expectations of our supporters we aim to continue to grow over the next century.

In April 2013 we commenced the 13th phase of our Group's three year (fiscal 2013-2015) management plan. In this management plan we have established the Group's vision of "Taking on the challenge of growth by utilizing the Group's total resources", and we are pioneering new sources of income while strengthening our existing sources. To achieve these goals the Group is mobilizing its managerial resources to improve its products and services in order to further increase our corporate value.

We will continue to strive to be our customers preferred corporation through our unwavering and sincere actions and deeds.

President and Director Sumio Kuratomi

Company outline

Company name Nishi - Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
Established 17 December 1908
Founded 22 September 1942
Head office 1-11-17 Tenjin Chuo Ku Fukuoka
Capital ¥26,157,290,000
Number of shareholders 22,432
Representative President Sumio Kuratomi
Items of business Railway and vehicle transportation business, Sea freight business, Consigned Freight Forwarding Business, Air Transport Agent , Customs brokerage, Real estate agency and Rental service, Amusement park, botanical gardens management etc.
Operating profit ¥135,100 million
Operational routes kilometers Vehicles 3,995.2 kilometers
Trains 106.1 kilometers
No of carriages Vehicles 1,913
Trains 329 carriages
Number of employees 4,126 (Excluding employees on the affiliated companies)
Group companies 80 Companies and 1 Educational Foundation (Including Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.)

As of 1st July 2013