※The Dazaifu Tourism Train Tabito will be out of service for maintenance on
 Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

What is the Tabito?

Imagine you are already in Dazaifu as you get on the train.
That is the concept for the train.

"The exterior of the train shows a variety of sightseeing locations in Dazaifu, while the interior has six different patterns for good fortune.
The entire space shows the world of Japanese-style paintings with a full of traditional Japanese feel.
Enjoy the interior full of Dazaifu after you select one of the train cars with the wish you would like to come true."

The train cars are in a light pink color. The traditional Japanese patterns and hemp seeds let passengers experience the history and charm of Dazaifu. The vertical red line on the front of the train symbolizes a rail line leading to Dazaifu. The logo is made up of the word "Tabito" written beautifully and elegantly.

Its name is "Tabito"

The creator of the name is Nobuyoshi Nishitakatsuji, the 39th head priest at the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. The origin of the name comes from a famous poet, Otomono-Tabito, famous for Manyoshu poetry. Tabito was posted at Dazaifu as the head administrator and he left many songs behind. Since Tabito also means "traveler", it also incorporates the meaning, "the traveling train of Dazaifu".

Train Introduction

Enjoy the different spaces offered in cars one through six.

There are many different spaces to enjoy on the train, such as the plum blossom patterned special seats (cars one and six) and shades,
and a bar/counter space (car three) with some of the souvenirs available at Dazaifu.

■ Front cars (One and six)

These cars offer the best places to view the scenery and driver's seat in front with the view in 180°. The spaces with the special seats (seat 12) in chic dark brown and with ume mon-yo (plum blossom pattern) are great for children and adults alike.

■ Bar/Counter(car three)

This is a special bar/counter with some of the souvenirs available at Dazaifu.

■ Stamp station(car three)

Get a commemorative stamp here. Make sure to commemorate your trip.

Each car has one of six different patterns for good fortune.

The interior of each car has one of six different themes (academic achievement, good health and longevity,
good luck, easy baby delivery, safety of the family and love knot) and a pattern to represent the theme.
Select the car with the wish you would like to come true.


Dzaifu “Tabito”Sightseeing Train Schedule(PDF)

Note: The train may not operate on days the train is inspected. For more information, see the official "Tabito" website.
Note: Travelers must change trains at Futsukaichi Station when traveling from Dazaifu Station toward Fukuoka (Tenjin) or Kurume / Omuta.

Famous Spots in Dazaifu

Dazaifu Sightseeing Areas (PDF)

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